Because it is increasingly difficult to fill the roles on our Executive Board, we have decided to make some changes to the composition of our group. Beginning in 2022, the Christ Church UMW Executive Board will consist of four committees:


These ladies will focus on the missions we support prayerfully and financially.  This may include communicating with organizations we currently support or finding other needs to support within our community. 


These ladies will be responsible for maintaining communication with our unit and publications to the church.  This may include publicity for events, a regular newsletter or email, collecting prayer requests, a website, or any other ideas they may have.


These ladies will focus on raising money to support our mission efforts. This could include the Bazaar, Garage Sale, Sweet Sale, Cookie Walk, or any new ideas the committee may suggest. 

Membership, Programming, and Outreach

These ladies will be responsible for budgeting, record keeping, planning programs, and recruiting new members.